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Friday, April 15, 2011

Just Another Friday

Huge winds from east means angry lake. 815am
Cold and windy. No motivation to ride today. The lake was very loud today. When on the beach you would have a hard time with normal conversation. Unless you were talking to yourself like I was.
Today is going to be a full day in the store. Open to close. That's OK as I have a lot of admin stuff to do. Hope to sell stuff in between. Really, the spring rush has yet to hit here. Its been a trickle at best to date. Im ready for it. Been ready for quite a while.
Here's a pic from my HP that you have never seen on this blog before. Its a huge mile long marshy area. Its in this area that a million sandhill cranes live in spring.
See em'? In there somewhere.

I have a story to go along with the pic.....

Last Wednesday while on my 3 hour ride I rode past this area (as I always do) and as I was heading out of the park I noticed a huge shadow move across the road. Huge. 

I thought it was an airplane. I look up to see 16 ( I counted) sandhill cranes flying in a V maybe 50 yards over my head. Im pretty sure cranes do not fly silent but it didn't matter cuz I had the tunes playing in my ear. This configuration was so large it startled me. I watched as they circled and landed in this very marsh. Was very cool.

My HP isn't all beach. Its beach, woods and marsh. Three separate eco systems within a couple hundred yards. Thats why I love that place so much. However the beach is my fav.

Not so sure on what riding I will get in this weekend. Cold and rainy tomorrow. Sunday looks better.

Have a good weekend.


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