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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Love \ Hate

As spring rolls around my love\hate relationship with the lake gets tested. 
Its at this time the weather dudes always close their temp report with "cooler near the lake".
Those who live right next to it as I do understand what Im talking about. I can leave the store, ride west (away) from it and in less than an hour its 15 degrees warmer. Its tough to gauge clothing layers.
Another issue is that my fav route from the store is along the lake over to my HP. And I refuse to let that pesky lake change that. So while all my western friends are riding short sleeve, Im layered up and riding the cross bike to my fav place in the world. 
Speaking of, today is a spring milestone for me. I take the road tires off my cross bike, put the knobbys back on.
Two thing happen.
1) I believe the woods near my happy place is dry enough to ride in. Its a very sandy soil and drys up fast. I think its ready. Gonna try today.
One of the happier moments in my life is the feeling I get the first time I hit the woods every spring. The snow is gone and your tires are on dirt. That might happen this aft! And....

B) Since the road tired cross bike was my roadie.... Then that means Im gonna hafta bust out the Madone for its maiden voyage. Ive been staring at that thing hanging all around the store since last November. I have yet to even sit on it. 
That will happen this week sometime.
Maybe I'll showcase the Madone in tomorrows post.

I almost forgot..... I have a Superfly to ride too!
So many bikes.... so little time.


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  1. "Too many bikes, too little time" that statement is a daydream of mine!