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Monday, April 18, 2011


Their equivalent of a group ride.
The pic is from Sunday morn. Huge winds had the seagulls out playing. The seagull is a very good flyer. They can fly fast or slow. Straight up or straight down. And when its windy they come out to play and thats what they were doing in the HP on Sunday. Playing the wind gusts. Was cool to watch.

I too went out to play the wind gusts. Steve D and I had a two hour battle (really only one cuz we turned around) with the huge wind. We spent the first part of the ride directly into the up to 40mph gusts.
When it hit you square on I couldn't even breath. 8 to 9mph average.
But beggars cant be choosers since this was only the second ride in a week for me. And the next week doesn't look so good either. Mix of snow and rain four out of the next six days. A few days highs only in the 30's. Seems my seasonal affective disorder is worse in late April than it was in Jan\Feb.

I hear its going to get warmer and that we just need a little patience.
Patience is not one of my strong suites.


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