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Tuesday, April 5, 2011


As I sit at my HP this morn, the sun is out and the breeze is a bit warmer. This day will have a lot of possibility. I started early today. I am a morning person. I love early morn. Early morn is my favorite.
Successful delivery.
I gauge my end of day by time and whats going on. If its 9pm and I have nothing to do I go to bed. If theres something I can do then I stay up to do it. I do not stay up just for the sake of staying up. In return, Im up early. I do wait until its light out tho. Go to bed when it gets dark, wake when it gets light.
The morning is the best time of day cuz
its too early for anything to go bad.
Today I had another delivery. I like to deliver the goods. I really have nothing else to do in the morn before the store opens, so I incorporate it with my HP visit. And the customers really dig it.
There all happy to see me. Im happy to see them happy.
Its a happy morning.
Today its gonna be near 50 and sunny. Tomorrow looks like rain.
Its gonna be two hours in the saddle today.
Hopefully this small window of nice weather will help out this weeks sale.
I think it will.
More noise upstairs just now.

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