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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Rainy Sunday

Rainy. Good time to get some paperwork done. 935am
Another Sunday morn in the store. Cold rain will let me get some work done here alone. All is dark except the lamp on my desk. No noises upstairs. Was a good day to sleep in.
Flanders is finishing up as I type but I am staying off all social networks so I can watch it this afternoon. Flanders is pretty much my fav. Along with Paris\Roubaix.
So the next two weeks is the highlite of the season for me. Bring it on.
Put in a solid 2.5 hours in the saddle yesterday. I felt good. Ended up with 11.5 hours for the week. That felt good too. 
I sure was in some kind of panic 3 weeks ago. With only 5 hours in Feb I was sure I was past the point of no return. I felt that bad on the bike. So bad that I was ready to move on to something else with my life. I was to the point of making peace with it and letting it go.
But I knew once things start rolling it would come back fast and it did. While I still have my weight to work on the legs are feeling great.
And I guess that's half the battle.
This coming week is the Trek spring sale along with some damp days predicted. That might cut me down a bit but its expected so no biggie.
Some of the guys had their full on road bikes Saturday, some had cross bikes (me) and even a couple MTB's. The roadies dominated.
Really made me want to bust out that Madone in the window. As soon as the woods dry up and I can get cross tires back on the crossbike I will bust it out. Mid April.
So today I will hang out here at the store, get all my paperwork done, head out to grab some lunch, then head home, crack open a beer and watch Flanders.


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