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Friday, April 29, 2011


Hello good friend, remember me? 845am
Its been awhile since I saw the sun. After three straight days of rain I finally get a quality visit to the HP this morn. Temps already near 50. Its going to be a good day as the sun is out.

The sun plays an important part in my life. I need a lot of it. After a few days without it I start feeling like crap (like yesterday). The sun dictates my life, I go to bed when it gets dark, I wake up when it get light. I need no alarm. I really get seasonal depression easily. People call it cabin fever and think its from just boredom. Its really brought on by the short days and lack of sunlite. Its really amazing how much better I feel after a couple of sunny days that include several hours outside on the bike.
Bring it on.
Mornings like this one have me just outside standing in the sunlite for quite some time. Getting recharged. Sometimes I walk to the front of the store to catch it thru the windows. Yesterday I was absolutely bailing on the MTB race Sunday. Now.... after an hour outside Im not so sure. I still have not rode the MTB but maybe I will get the chance tomorrow. 
Today is a three hour ride on the Madone starting around lunch. We'll see how I feel after that to make my decision to race or not. Let the sun do its thing first.

Phase two (weight loss) has been in a holding pattern. For this to work I need to ride and I have not sat on a bike since Monday. Cutting calories alone does not work for me. I need to burn at least 1000 calories on the bike per day to really see results. Its going to be mid June before I see some performance results from this. Im OK with that. If I do race Sunday it will be more for fun and fitness. No real results needed. But then thats every race for me. Sometimes I dont even look at the results until the next day. I usually just do not care. Just happy to be there.

So today I will be ditching the store for awhile for a well needed road ride.
Really looking forward to it.
Maybe see you guys Sunday.... maybe not.
If not have a good weekend. If so have a good weekend.


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