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Monday, April 11, 2011

Wasted Weekend

Just my luck to get sick on the first weekend that you could ride without all the stupid winter clothing. I get these colds every year. They seem to be like super colds on steroids. Everything hurts. I cant hear or taste anything.

I spent the weekend on the couch, watching everyone ride past my house ( I live on a popular bike route).

Spent most of last nite watching the light show.....  then went to bed.
I did feel a little better this morn, and should probably lay low for a bit yet but Im not that smart and will try to get in a little ride. But I'll soft peddle for sure.
The lightning was not all I watched last nite. As far as Im concerned, the Pro road season is over until next April. My two fav's are completed.
If you watched Paris-Roubaix you saw another day where no one would help Cancellara. Too bad. If Hushoud would of helped him he could have been on the podium along with him. But instead they choose not to and in turn bury themselves. And Thor was not the only one. Whats wrong with these people. Do they not was to see Fabian on the podium so bad that they throw their race away to try and hold him back?

Didn't work.



  1. Cancellara and Thor both get paid to win races, not come in second or third. If Thor had helped Cancellara then he would have been conceding the win with 30km left.

    I saw nothing wrong with that race -- the fastest rider from Paris to Roubaix won by 1/2 a lap in Roubaix.

  2. God of Thunder also had a teammate in the lead break, why pull Sparticus to a win? I thought it was a well played race. Look at how few Leopard riders even finished, much less were there to share the workload with their team leader. It was good for me as I placed in the Velomenati top 10 with my superior prescient abilities.

  3. I forgot Thor had a teammate in front. I see why he did not help then.

    Ben.... the fasted guy never wins P\R. Just the smartest\luckiest.

    In the end FC was only 19 sec behind. But behind he was. It was a good race.