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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Where the Rubber meets the Road.

Carbon. Will have them on bike later today. Pics to follow.
Received these for my Superfly. Carbon. Tubeless of course.
Normally I would not run carbon wheels on a MTB. But the bigger hoops changes my thought. Taking a few grams off outside rotating weight is huge. Double the effect of taking it off the bike. Its the theory of taking a string a foot long and swing a weight on the end. Now make the string three feet long and the added resistance in your hand is 4 fold. A lighter 29er wheel has more rotating effect than a lighter 26. So carbon I will go.
And I have been tubeless for 6 years now. I was tubeless before tubeless was cool.
Green is the new pink.

However I do not take advantage of what tubeless was made to do. Without a tube you can run lower pressure without a pinch flat. Bigger footprint. With me being a larger fellow I still run 50 pounds in my tires (MTB), tubeless or not. I do it for the weight. 

I mount lightweight tubed tire tubeless.
A UST tire has a bigger bead and is generally heavier than a normal ( not UST) tire. Really, the lack of tube is offset by the heavier tire. So I take a super light tire, like a Hutch Python Light and with a little Stans in the tire (just a little) I mount it up without a tube. Very light. I have this setup on my old Fuel in the basement and its held air going on 4 years now. I have never flatted just due to the setup. When I flatted I would have flatted tubed too. In fact, the Stans sealed a puncture several times that would have flatted me tubed. I cant wait to run the carbon wheels. I'll pass on my thoughts when I do.

Which will be none too soon with the snow we got yesterday. Im not going to talk about it. Im in denial. I am not going to acknowledge its existence and move on.

As far the shoes... they are not carbon. Just very cool. Really, I cant run more than 50 yards. So maybe now I can run maybe 60. I only run if Im being chased. 

Stay warm.



  1. Awesome shoes. Hope they work as well as they look. Just bought me a new pair, seem like air but oh, they do the job! I'll be doing my second 5K in them this Saturday. Glad I got two pair.

    Our snow we got is melted already for the most part. Sun came out and the steam off the dirt road and fields was abundant! Now if only the sleet would quit falling from the sky...

  2. They are super light. Feels like Im wearing slippers.