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Wednesday, May 4, 2011


May 4th and gas just hit 4.05 in Danoville. Gonna be another one of those summers where you need to prioritize your gas consumption. Maybe some of those bike races that are farther away my get dumped for a ride locally. Summer vacation plans change. 5 bucks per in July?

This is the time I tell everyone to commute by bike. That its easy and you can do it.
Ditch the car during the week so you can save the gas money for the weekend to drive to the bike stuff. Im stocking up with racks and bags. Commuter stuff. The store now has four times more of that stuff than last year. Its a financial gamble of inventory. I think its going to work out.

But after I get down off my soapbox after preaching the glory of bike commuting, I realized I never had the time to think about myself. What can I do? Me, myself.
Everyone has some issue to why they cant commute. Too far away? Too much to carry? What if the weather turns bad? Cant get to work late for issues like flats?
Here's what I tell them:
Too far? Then just pick one day a week.
Too much stuff? Rig your bike to carry more, leave some stuff at work.
Weather? Figure out a ride. Bus? Friend? Leave rain gear at work?
Road delays? Get hardcase tires and attend one of our upcoming flat tire schools.
But again, Im so ready to figure out your issues I never consider mine. Like having to take my grand daughter to daycare every morn, and what if I need to deliver a bike to a customer? What if I need to run to get something for the store? I have more.
But in the end those issues are no different than my customers. And I will figure out a way.
Soon. The higher the gas prices, the more you save.
Im thinking I'll ride a cross bike and use a backpack, leaving as much as I can at the store.
Its all trial and error at first and all of our circumstance's are different.
But once you iron out the kinks you are good to go.

Now.... I just have to practice what I preach.
Bring it on.....


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