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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

First (any) New Bike

The smile.
I think everyone remembers their first new bike. Last nite I brought home a bike for my grand daughter. Her first. The smile says it all. She had to have it in her bedroom with her all nite. We've all been there!

Tonite I get to do it all over again with my grand son. Their only 3 months apart.

I get to see this a lot in the store. Parents come in and get their kids a bike off the floor. The kids are pumped. It makes me a little pumped too remembering the way I feel when I got a new bike. Good times.

My first bike was a Schwinn fastback. Complete with a 5 speed shifter on the top tube, banana seat and sissy bar. I rode it around in the house and crashed into the TV(some things never change) putting a big scratch in it (TV, not bike). My dad was not impressed.

I experienced that feeling for quite some time. I remember in 2008 I got my first Madone. It was a 5.2. 

Just like my grand daughter I had to have in my bedroom with me. True. That total pumped feeling. Cant wait to ride it!

While I still do get that feeling, sort of, its a little bit subdued by the fact that I own a bike store now. I can basically ride what I want. The feeling is not the same cuz the bikes are not really mine. I just use them. Its hard to explain to you guys. Im sure you have no sympathy to anyone who rides a 9k retail Madone. I know I wouldn't.
But maybe you can give me a little? 



  1. I know what you mean. That feeling is so strong in me, though, that I never used the demo bikes when I was managing the Service Department in a store. I had to ride my own bike to be happy.

  2. Love that feeling! That lucky little girl got her looks from Val, lots of resemblance to G-ma.