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Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday w\floods w\fog

Huge rain. Flooding off the parking lot onto the beach. HP changes.
Lots has happened since we talked. First off, blogger takes a crap and lost a couple days of posts. Whatever. Stuff we take for granted. Although I do pay Google for what I use.
But its up and Im back at it.
The weather once again headlines. If its not pouring, its foggy. The it gets cold and the fog go's away, then it warms up and the fog returns only to drop another 20 degrees and pushes the fog away. Sounds like a week of weather.
But this is just one day.
Cold weather pushes fog back to lake. For now.

I left the store for a ride the other day. It was 49. I had layers on. Halfway thru a two hour ride it hits 72. And I am suffering with all the clothes I was wearing. I took off as much as I could but still suffered. I need a SAG to follow me with assorted levels of clothing.

I just heard that sometime next week the weather should break. 
Ive been hearing that since mid March.

This weekends riding is up in the air. 
I will be at some point. Just don't know when.


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