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Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Depressing. 930am
This is starting to really get on my nerves.
This is the kind of shit that really tries my patience. I no longer have the clothing to wear on a 38 degree bike ride. Its all at home, put away in the basement. So... I just do not ride.
Tomorrow sounds like a little warmer.

Ten years ago I owned a trucking company. A pretty big one. I worked too much. But thats not what Im going to complain about here.
Im going to complain about things that impact my business that I have no control over. Stuff like that just freaks me out.
At that time it was the fuel prices. I was buying about 9 thousand gallons a week. Throw in 20 cents more per gallon and that was pretty much my salary for the week. Gone and nothing I can do about it. Try to charge more to cover it but that was easier said than done. Very stressful.
And here we are now with the temps still in the 30's in May. At this time last year we had almost 20 days over 60 degrees already. If any bike shop near here says that their April was up from last year they are lying. The spring push has not hit yet and at this time last year it was done.

The store has quietly turned two years old last Sunday. I cant believe its been two years already. I have learned so much and continue to do so everyday. As I get smarter the store does better. But there are many thing about this biz that I have yet to learn. Like what to do when you stock the store for spring and it does not come. All you can do it wait....... and wait. 
Again.... a little stressful.  But its not sales lost... just sales postponed.
I ordered a ton more bikes because the cold weather will give us more time to build'em.
And that will just give us more time to sell'um later.
And thats called time management.

Bring on spring!
Cuz when it hits.... I will be ready! 
Make sure you are ready too!


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