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Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Deer on the beach. 833am
Some days when I take an extended visit to the HP I just think about how lucky I am to be able to do so.

For many, as was with me also for many years, life did not grant us the luxury of waking up slow.
The alarm go's off when its still dark and up you are. Very quick.
Now, I do not need an alarm. I can wake on my own (although my wife's 450am alarm wakes me anyway). And thats very refreshing.
I think of having to wake and zoom to work. Now.... I wake and hang on the beach. Very relaxing. And I am grateful to be able to do so everyday. As in all lifestyles there are some drawbacks, but my mornings are not one of them.

Today I saw these deer tracks on the beach. My Happy Place is full of deer to the point of them being tame. You can almost walk up to them.
Usually, when you think of seeing deer you think of woods and fields. Its really weird to see one walking on the beach, sometimes in the lakes waves. It's just a place that you would not expect to see a deer. And thats what I love about my HP. You see things that you would never normally see. Every morning visit brings me something new.

Soon it will be warm(er) in the morn and my HP run will be by bike only. That scenario will jump start my weight loss. A good morning ride before I eat anything, followed by some low fat protein. I really thought I would have had a month of this in the books by now but as in many other things, the crappy spring has put that a month behind schedule. 
Another thing has filled my mornings. Bike fitting. I have finally put my schooling to good use and already have had 3 fittings in the last week. I do them either in the morning before the store opens or after it closes. No distractions. My clients have my complete concentration. And I must say things are going very well. I get kinda pumped when I can help someone get even more enjoyment out of cycling.
And I still cant believe thats what I do for a living now......

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