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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

New Project \ Schedule

FFF (fat tires fit fine)
Another breathtaking morning on the HP. The sun was uplifting to say the least. I always find it amazing how much better I feel after several days of sun.
So here's my new project. A Surly Long Haul Trucker. 26 in wheels.
This is the bike that I will transfer all the stuff off my 11 year old Fuel to. I was looking for something to do with that stuff. Its all good XT. So.... the death of an old bike is the birth of a new one. Im kinda pumped due to the fact that this is my bike. Not the stores. I know what your thinking, no... its not the same. I now own two bikes! This one and Pinky.
Who else is old enough to remember the phrase  " keep on truckin  ". I think it was the late 70's when everyone said that now and then. Remember the  " keep on truckin  " guys? They were everywhere.

Anyway, I will fill my spare time with this build. Will have to work in into my sched. Which is a problem for me. I am terrible on my schedule. Being a store owner you get asked to do tons of stuff. Community stuff, donation stuff. Help out with this and that. Really, I can only do about 50% of what is asked of me and there are times I end up doing two things at the same time. I need to learn to use my phones calender better. Yesterday I had planed a ride but remembered that I had 10 eight year old Cub Scouts coming in to talk about safety and maybe a tire changing seminar later in that afternoon.
So I had to ditch the ride. I also scheduled way to much stuff to come in. I spent the entire morning receiving. It was a crazy day yesterday.
And I sure can try to even out my schedule better. Its not hard. Just need to give it more thought. The store is now busy enough to bring in some part timers to help out.
Its Tuesday, and I have not been on a bike since last Wednesday. Thats nuts.
I will not let that happen again.

And thats a promise.

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