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Friday, May 27, 2011

Not Complaining.

Its been a strange spring for weather. I can remember complaining about it back in April when it was in the 30's for temps. Now its almost June and the lows are still in the 30's for temps. Just as there is fast, faster and ludicrous speed, the weather went from crappy, to bad and now is ludicrous bad.
My Trek rep stopped in this week and said in his 13 years this is the second worst spring for bike shops (said 2000 was bad too) and that made my think good and bad. 
Bad that it is so crappy, but good in the fact that I planned well enough to weather it out no problem.
Once again, I hear that its gonna be better starting next week. If I had a dime for every time someone told me that.

Also, I stopped complaining about the weather cuz its been kinda bad everywhere. And not just a few degrees colder, I mean, at least I still have roof on my house. Compared to the south we have nothing to complain about here (anymore).

Saturday has the road group doing an extended ride. About 90 miles total leaving at 7am. Also, this 12 hour MTB race is only 20 minutes away. At press time I am torn.
Most likely will ditch the group ride. Too far. Too early in the year. Too early in the day.
And will not race the MTB. Just not feeling it.
Maybe a road ride out to the MTB race. Get the best of both worlds.
Either way I plan on riding a bike.
Plus now we all have an extra day to get in some extra miles this weekend.

Do it for real!


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  1. You could also go out to the race and just ride- they don't shut down the trails to boy scout troops or anyone (as was illustrated last year :) ) I wish I could make it up there, but I'm being kidnapped by family for the weekend. Have a good one, whatever you choose!