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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Racing\Demo stuff

Demo fleet. So far.  

 People ask me why am I still racing my MTB in Citizen class. Ive been racing now for about 10 years on and off. Some years faster. Some years slower.
While I have never dominated a Citizen class race I for sure could move up.
But I dont want to.
For me racing isn't about placing. My reason to race has nothing to do with results. For me its just another way, a different way, to ride my bike.
I choose to race in the Citizen class because all(most) of the riders there are doing the same as me. Just out for a cool bike ride with others.
The fact that we are all going as fast as we can (or not) is immaterial.
Move up a class and the mentality changes. Just a move up to Sport class and I can feel the  "mood '" of the race change. Too many aspirations of someday getting to a World Cup. Too much aggression. Too many riders caring a bit too much on what place they will take. Ive seen this for 10 years now. Ive seen rider after rider move up a class, get beat up a little and just quit cuz they no longer can medal.
That leads me to question their love of riding a bike. That leaves me to believe they are not there cuz they love riding bikes, they only ride to win. And when they cant win, they will ditch it for some other sport that they can win, whatever that is.
Im not saying that you should not try hard and do your best. Im not saying you should not train. Im not saying its bad to go fast. I have a lot of friends who are fast AND love to ride a bike.
Im just sayin' you should be there cuz you love to ride and keep everything in a good perspective. If your fast, thats cool. If your not, like me, thats cool too.
If you are there cuz you love to ride, fast or slow has nothing to do with it and you are all the same in my eyes. Which led me to cross racing. Im not dissing the MTB series. Its awesome. I will still do as many as I can. But......
I love the atmosphere of the local cross scene here in Wisco. If fact I love it so much that the store will focus its  " racing  " budget entirely on cross racing. 
Its just so laid back. And thats not entirely by design. It just has not  grown big enough yet. Its just big enough to get some attention, but still small enough to keep a simple attitude.
So that is why Im putting together a traveling cross bike demo unit and putting on a race here this fall. I want to get in on the ground floor and hope that when the series grows (and it will), the attitude wont change and that everyone will still race like their racing in the Citizen category.
During the Halloween race every year you see riders throw away their results just to ride with some elaborate costume. Not ever caring if their being scored. That.... is something you will never see in a MTB race. And that..... is why I like cross.

And my love for cross bikes doesn't hurt the cause either....
Bring it on.


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