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Thursday, May 19, 2011

SBC Truckster

SBC wagon. 813am
Putting the final touches on the team car. Ive secretly had some decisions to make on this. How much stuff do I take? Do I get a bigger car? (Like a Suburban?) Do I get a trailer?
Why did I stress on this you ask? I have had some plans. Secret plans.
The stuff you only think about when your alone.
I am putting together a mobile demo unit. Cross bikes only.
Its the SBC Crossbike World Tour. Coming to a race near you.
With the help of Trek and Blue Competition I will bring 5 assorted bikes for all to ride and demo. All summer long. Showing up to at least 10 races with at least 5 being WORS. Along with that starting in June the store will host a cross bike ride on Thursdays. Also making those demo bike available for anyone to ride. More on that later.
I thought of everything.
Also.... I have hooked up with Ryders Eyewear. Ryders are now a product sponsor of the WORS series and will have a factory tent there. At most events the glasses in the tent will be mine. On top of that I will be bringing tubes, tires and assorted accessories to vend at selected races along with the Ryders and the cross bike thing. And thats a lot of stuff to haul around. Hence the vehicle dilemma.
But throw on a 3 bike Thelma hitch rack and a Thule box on the roof and Im good to go.
3 bikes on back, two (maybe three) bikes on roof with box full of stuff, fold the rear seats down and I will be able to carry tent, bike stands, tools and inventory no problem.
My first race will be Wausau WORS. The balance of the schedule is still to be announced. And I still have a ways to go to this all together but at least I have this piece of the puzzle in place.
I think this is going to be fun. And lots of work but fun work.
And thats the best kind of work.
If you have'ta work.



  1. You're going to need a bigger boat!

  2. Trailer will be the way to go. Keeps all the bikes protected.

  3. I do have a trailer. But the Escape is only a four banger. Not enough power to pull......