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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Unfortunate Saturday Post

Best I could do on short notice....
If your reading then your in the same boat as me. Weather related posting is getting old.

Spending a cold, dark, rainy, foggy Saturday morn in the store. If I cant ride might as well work. It seems we have had highs in the 40's for like forever.
And weather related posting when its in the 40's is getting old.

Have not seen the sun more than a few hours in many days.
Seasonal depression disorder runs rampant.
I almost cant help but complain.

Complaining about weather related posting in the 40's is getting old.
I do have something to look forward to.

Next week Im cuttin' out to head up to northern Wisco to do some goofin' and riding and racing.
I love those weekends where we head out for a few days with absolutely no plans. No even sure where we are going or staying. Will make that up as we go. And its a long time coming. Pretty sure I have been in the store everyday since mid March. So...... bring that on.

Stay warm and dry.



  1. It's too cold you, so you're heading North?...interesting!


  2. We have had some days up this way, but we have our share rain and cold too. Today would be a great day for ride here, if you could ride south and not have to ride back to the north. Windy ! !

  3. Cuz north is where the race is.......