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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Wednesday Nite Worlds Championship Social Ride.

I lasted 34 minutes and chased for another 10. Left for dead.
This ride has evolved from a social, lets ride and talk and grab a beer afterward... to a complete beat down and leave for dead ride.
And thats kinda sad for some. It really selects who is able to participate.
I am most likely the slowest guy there. But really only on the hills. I realize my weight holds me back when going up and I expect to get dropped at those times. But in the past I pushed hard and in a short time the group would wait up, most of the time at the next stop sign. I zone 5'ed for 11 minutes, even had two separate riders pull back to help (thanks guys!) but after redlining for over 10 minutes off the back  just ran out of steam. The group rolled thru 2 stop signs during that time.
If they had held up for just 70 or 80 seconds I would have been back in the group and fine.
Dont get me wrong.... Im not complaining about the speed, believe me if I could I would too. I have been dropped in this ride a zillion times and expect it to happen.  I just complain when the group does not feel the need to hold up for those who fall off the back. At 20mph it only takes 20 feet off the back and your done.
And thats why this is no longer a social ride. And that is why I will no longer participate unless it changes back to the way it was for the past 10+ years.
Maybe its time to show the MTB some love on Wednesdays.
And then there's the Thursday cross bike ride starting soon.
And that one will be totally social for real.



  1. Well, what about starting a second group for this ride- a more social group? I bet there are some other riders who would join you. The Gun Show in Waukesha has two groups and it seems to work out for them.

  2. Snacks has a good idea. There definately are others with you on this DANO. I know I have no business mixing it up with the "elites" in the group rides, but have been enticed because just being around talent helps motivate me to figuratively "keep up". As you know, there aren't many organized rides in the area. Piggy backing a second group at the already set up places and times should work. It's a win/win. The "elites" have spectators and the other Guys/Gals get to play too.

  3. We have been talking about that very same thing for quite some time. However the testosterone runs high in Sheboygan County and no one want to admit they cant or can but dont want to keep up. Many riders have just quietly faded away from this ride.
    I guess time will tell.

    But I would not mind bringing back the MTB ride on Wednesdays either.......