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Monday, May 2, 2011

Weekend Update

Busy weekend with bike riding. Saturday had me rolling out the Madone for the breakfast group ride. The cross winds were raising heck with the aero wheels. It was windy.
So I decided to cut that ride short and get back to the store to grab the Superfly since I was probebly going to race it Sunday and still had not thrown a leg over it since last November.
Good thing I did as I found that I needed some new pads in the rear brake. After a hour on the roads and 30 minutes in the woods I deemed it ready to race. At least the bike was.

Climbing with a smile. Weird.
Sundays race went well. As well as could be. Didn't set any time records. After some thought and consideration, I again decided to ride in my age group and not clydesdale. No real reason. Looking at my time I finished 6th out of 10 in age, or would have got 4th out of 6 in Clyde. I would rather race in a category with more riders in it. Even tho Im sure none of them are 260 pounds.

In racing Im easy to please. Don't fall down, don't take last and pass someone on the last lap. I do all of those and its a good race. So Sundays race was good considering all the climbing. I just don't climb well. All fitness aside its just tough to get 260 pounds to the top of any hill and Im just working so much harder than others. But Im used to it and hope to improve in my power to weight ratio in weeks to come.

Speaking of..... with the race Sunday I did eat a bit more but will resume the limited intake today. Along with a recovery spin this aft. Cross bike. Cant wait. I believe the weight is on the way down. I really don't need to weight myself, I just can tell by the way I feel. I always feel starved.

And in a way it feels good.

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