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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Weekend Update

Pretty much the highlite of my weekend.
While things didn't go as planned it was good to get out this weekend. Never made it to the bike race Sunday. It just did not work out for me. Rain all afternoon and nite on Saturday.

We did manage about an hour and a half  of riding Saturday morn. But no longer did we get to the car it started pouring. 

So we drove around and stopped at every coffee and ice cream shop we could find.

But I was pretty bored. To the point of going to a movie in Eagle River Saturday nite. I almost never go to movies as my A.D.D. never lets me sit for more than an hour. But I survived. Sunday morn we just did not get up in time to race so we stopped at more coffee and ice cream shops and drove home.

So it was a strange weekend. But was still better than not. It seems that we got our token 2 days of sunny and warm weather for the month as its now back to rain in the 40's today.
Did get in almost two hours yesterday. On the Madone.
Im likin' that bike more everyday. Am thinking of getting a 90mm dish wheel for the rear. Keep the front at 65mm. 
Also I have dug out the track bike. Am getting thoughts of circles in my head.

I mean more than usual.


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