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Friday, June 10, 2011

Bad Day to Blog...

Its a cold rainy morning. 46 degrees. Two days of this weather will slow thing up just fine for the  store's weekend. In the past I always posted my thoughts as they hit me, then, as a store owner I tried to contain my negative thoughts on things. Kinda like a politician. And I dislike politicians.  But even then I still typed what I was thinking at the time and I did get me in trouble now and then. But this is a personal blog and I didn't care. Sometimes.
When I was bummed about my weight I said so. When my riding sucked or lack of ride time bummed be out I said so.  I also complained about the crappy spring. A lot. Now do I complain about the crappy summer? Is it even summer yet?

So I will refrain from making derogatory comments like  "why are you driving a Suburban  ". But then if I do stop saying what I think what is the sense of a blog? Then I might as well just use it for advertising the store. And Im sure you would not want to read that everyday. Nor would I want to type it everyday. No.... this blog is about me. And really, I do it for my enjoyment. No other reason. If nobody read it, I would not care. I never check how many hits I get. 

So as I try to keep this thing personal, I still need to realize some things are better left unsaid.

Lets  just say.... Im in a crappy mood today and move on.
Hopefully I will get out on the bike tomorrow.
And see you Sunday at the MTB race.
I should be in a better mood.
Better mood for real.

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