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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Best Laid Plans.

It always amazes me how well my phone (Samsung Mesmerize) takes pics. Not quite as good as my camera but good enough for a blog. 

Yesterday I set up this morn for a long ride. Got the equipment ready (Madone) and scheduled in an extra employee to cover my absence.

But I woke up, headed for the HP and about a half an hour ago lost all ambition to do so. I am finding it harder and harder to suit up for a long solo ride. Last year was the worst for me as far as riding. The car altercation put me almost a month off. But its my schedule that dictates my rides now. Back when I had a day job I could pretty much ride anytime, adjusting my workload to my riding time. But now that the store is busy I just cant ditch it anytime and have to plan my rides.

Im not complaining cuz thats the way most everybody has to do it. But when my time was way more adjustable I could hit rides with others very quickly. Now my window of opportunity is usually when others are working so that means solo.
There are many times a solo ride helps me. Clears my mind from the stress of work and other issues. Sometimes my playlist hits a bunch of great songs in a row and I love the ride. Yes, I realize the Ipod is now frowned upon when riding. The main cause of my car altercation last year (I seem to be mentioning that a lot of late) but for me its a necessity. And a evil one I know. But I was always the kind to take chances. However sometimes not even the Ipod will get me out solo. And no way for 3 plus hours.

Im still gonna get out this morn, but my planned 3 to 4 hours is down to a cross bike for less that 2. Still acceptable in my book tho. I would have been riding as I type this but Im letting it warm up a bit outside.

I really could have used a long ride today but not to the point that I would not be having any fun. They call that training. And I never train.

So off I go for a ride with me, myself and Ipod.


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