QUOTE OF THE WEEK: "Close you eyes, clear your heart, cut the cord." THE KILLERS

Monday, June 13, 2011

Busy Weekend

The extended HP time I took this morn was needed for a couple of reasons. First off, its just beautiful outside. Crazy nice. Warm breeze on the beach is a cure all in my book. Second, it was needed as Sunday was a busy one for me. Really, I worked 12 hours yesterday. Fun work, but work none the less.

Saturday morning had me unexpectedly getting in a 3.5 hour road ride. Nice. I need more of those. I almost bailed due to the fact that I had to turn up the heat in the car on the way to the store. It was cold. Leg and arm warmers. Vest. And I was still cold. But settled in and peddled. 

After an uneventful rest of the day I waited for the store to close and started packing for Wausau in the morn. I was planning on bringing help and get the race in but my help backed out and as I mentioned before, and knew I could not going in. Bummer. However I was committed and had to go regardless. 
Up at 5am, 3 hour drive, 7 hours in tent selling stuff with one potty break, then 3 hours home. 
Long day. Fun work. Good sales. But long day. I was in bed before it was dark. 
It was hard to be 30 yards from the starting line all day and be unable to race.

I brought my bike with me and was thinking of getting in a ride after all was said and done but I was just too wiped out and wanted to get the drive home out of the way sooner than later.

Today is very nice out and I have scheduled hired help to let me out for a cross ride around noon. I am so looking forward to that. Definitely a recovery ride even tho I didn't compete.

Get outside. I insist.