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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Cant Believe

Swans. 815am


Cant believe its Wednesday already. Cant believe I have not posted since last Friday. Cant believe I saw these Trumpeter Swans at the HP this morn. In my million visits I have never before. Most likely resting during a long trip. Kinda using the HP as a wayside. The diversity of that place still amazes me.

Cant believe that summer is here. 80 degrees and sunny since Monday. We seemed to skip past spring and go right from winter to summer. A week ago it was 43 degrees and raining. Its seems 80% of the people in DANOville are sunburned. Me included.

Cant belive the spring push is on in the store. About time. Yesterday was nuts here. Had the biggest day of the year. And with that spike in biz pushed May 2011 past May 2010 in sales. About time. Finally its game on.....

Cant believe I rode my bike 11 hours since Saturday. Longest ride of the year this weekend with 3 hours 45 min. Rode both the Madone and Cronus cross. My Superfly needs some attention still and hope to get that taken care of before the end of the week. On Monday I rode the cross bike on pretty much the same route as I did about a year ago when I got hit (I hit) by the car. That was the first week of June last year. I remember I was just starting to feel good on the bike then, as in now. I can feel the riding coming along well. I do need some longer rides tho...   I hope to get those in soon. Putting in 10 hours a week consisting of hour and a half rides only takes you so far for fitness but its gonna be game on for weight loss! I expect to weight less a week from now. Again, need some 4 hour rides...

Its more of a timing thing that anything else. That and I have to schedule an extra employee when Im out. For me that hard to justify the extra payroll but I must learn to get away when needed.
And Im getting better at that everyday. A busy store helps in that respect.

Hope you got sunburned too this weekend.


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