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Friday, June 17, 2011


 Yesterday I mentioned on how I was working hard on not being in the store as much. To keep my sanity. One of the things Im trying to do is detachment. Thats the art of leaving all behind. Im doing this more as I ride. In the past, I would just use my phone (now called devices) to listen to music on my ride. Then I have a phone, music player and a camera in one unit. pretty cool. Now.... I leave the phone behind. I use my old iPod shuffle for tunes and carry an actual camera. Nothing will ring to bother me. Nothing will make me get off my bike. Its just more me time.

The Devil?
Its quite refreshing to be unavailable. And good for you. In 2008 some of you remember my tour of Wisconsin. Almost 1000 miles in 18 days. Its too bad the blog that I wrote those days is long deleted . That was dumb of me.

 I spoke a lot of detachment then. I had no TV, did not know what was going on in the world. Just what was going on around me. Thats an unbelievable feeling that almost none of you will experience. And it sure was refreshing. Stress level way down. Just having way less stuff going on in your life.

There is just something about a 3 hour ride when no one knows where you are. It adds to the experience.
Last nite I attended the first of many road races here in Wisco. And after reading Steve Tilfords blog about limiting team riders I must say I agree. Theres a team doing this series that must have 15+ riders in it. As Steve would say, very predictable. No surprises. Kinda boring. I left before it was over.

Speaking of racing, Im actually getting pumped about the Tour. No real favorites except Contador. Its so much fun to watch when anyone could win. Almost anyone. I guess we will see.

The weekend will be filled with bike selling and bike riding for me. Not sure which one will be more than the other. Both are good in my book.
Have a good weekend.



  1. DQ the mothers.

    A team must start at least four (4) riders, but not to exceed 10 riders, in all 11 Tour of America’s Dairyland races, June 16-26, 2011. Riders may vary daily. "Start" is defined as a rider paying an entry fee for the race and subsequently lining up on the starting line.
    •All team members must race for a USA Cycling licensed team. No composite teams allowed

  2. Jeepers.... maybe I just miscounted? I did not know that they had a rule in writing. Maybe they had 10? If so my bad.

  3. Maybe Contador will have some competition this year? Bradley Wiggins or Frank Schleck?

  4. yeah.... cuz it sure as heck isn't going to be Andy.