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Monday, June 6, 2011

Group ride

Saturday morn group. Almost 30 strong.
Saturday had me rolling with the group. Its seems like forever since I did so. With temps in the 50's at around 730am the last few days just imagine my surprise to walk out the door and get hit by 80 degrees with humidity. So I walked back in the house to take off my arm warmers and such.
But it was still like getting hit by a truck when I walked out and was not prepared for such a warm ride. Still at 260 pounds this ride is hard for me. I need to prep for this ride like its a race. 
Not that the ride is overly fast. Its pretty normal. 
Its me , not them.

So...long story short I failed to drink and eat enough before and during. I got dropped once and pulled back in around minute 35. Then we got to the hills and back I go again. Once again got pulled back in and suffered hanging on to the back of the group until minute 54. And while I could have stayed and suffered someone pulled off and I made the decision to go with him. At that point I did not feel the best and knew that if I continued I would have suffered badly. I in fact barely made it back to the car.

I maybe hit the water bottle once since I started riding. I really am bad at drinking on the bike. But when your in zone 5 all the time its hard to eat and drink between breaths.
I going to wear my HR monitor on one of these rides. I would be interested seeing what my average is. or better yet a powertap. I wonder what wattage Im putting out while Im next to the skinny guys uphill. I think they would be surprised to see what I need to be at to ride along with them.
Anyway, I would not call the ride a bad one. Just a unprepared one.
I believe I was a bit dehydrated as I was pretty much sick the rest of the day. 
I just need to be a bit smarter with that stuff. Again, I am most likely the worst person I know at eating and drinking on the bike. I need to work on that.

Or a lot more of my rides will end up this way.


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