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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Hump Day

Some HP visits are uneventful. I drive (or ride) in, hang for a bit and leave. I have a camera at all times but if the sun's not out I don't use it. 
But my Happy Place never ceases to amaze me. Today its cold and blustery so I was a little bummed to the start of today. Spent my time there, drank some coffee and headed to the store.
Then all of sudden these two showed up. Its as almost that place knows I was having a less than par visit and throws something at me on the way out. That place knows me better than most people do.

I have designated Wednesday and Saturday morns as ride time. I schedule extra help those days to accommodate at least a 3 hour ride. But today I just do not have the ambition to once again dress warm to do a solo ride. I might just wait a few hours, let it warm up and then take the MTB somewhere. Either a 10 minute drive to the local trails or a 30 minute drive to the Kettles. Not sure. Will decide in a few hours. I have until 2pm today so no hurry.

In fact, if I dont ride at all I will still try to stay out of the store. Trying to cut down the 70 or so hours I spend there per week. 
But that's easier said than done.
Looks like rain coming.... better ride sooner than later.


  1. you drive to evergreen?!? It takes 15 min. to bike

  2. I really, really hate riding my MTB on the road. It just feels weird....
    And it allows me more time in the woods. However got rained out....

  3. ur so PRO..more time in woods or less bike time how ever u want to look at it

  4. I'll consider it more time in woods. Especially on days when I have limited time.

    Welcome back.

  5. Limited time...now ur starting to get the point Let me spell it out for you. Lets say you have 2 hrs to ride, you can load up bikes and drive to get ur 1.5 in the woods for 1.5 hrs of bike time, or u can bike there and get 1.5 in the woods plus .5 of riding there both ways gives u 2 hrs ride time. I don't see were u could get any more time in the woods driving there with Limited Time.

  6. Dude, why do you see it fit to argue with me on my blog. Why even read it?

    Lets say.... I have 2 hours to ride. Lets say I have to stop at the post office after to mail out some UPS. Lets say I want mucho time in the woods. Lets say the drive is 8 minutes. That leaves me with 104 minutes in the woods. Your senario has me only 90 minutes in the woods with a 15 min ride over and back.
    And my way lets me get a chore done also.

    Love to hear from you......

    It adds to my blog......

  7. sorry didn't think u would get so offended by questioning why anyone in sheb. would drive to evergreen, its a small park and hard to get mucho time in. Backpack work great for running errands (up to 25 lbs).

  8. No worries...... but you do seem to attack here. Calling me out on stuff.....
    I do backpack with bike to work as much as I can.
    But as much as would like to.... cant everyday.

    Am I still PRO?

  9. of course.. Professional citizen racer

  10. you say that like its a bad thing?