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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I Rode a Bike Today!

Today started day three of non stop fog. But after 7 days off the bike I decided to look this weather square in the eye and I sure told it who's boss.

Grabbed the Madone and headed out for three hours of fog and rain. Not just rain. Downpours. The kind of rain when you just ride thru all the huge puddles cuz you could not get any wetter anyway.
And it was awesome. I felt great. Cold, wet but happy to be on a bike. Its really Wednesday at 630pm but I will not have time for the blog tomorrow as the Dairyland Tour runs right past the front of the store. It will be a busy day. Really, its a bad day for sales as the downtown area is shut down to cars but its a fun day. And I sure can use a fews more fun days.

Its funny how I was having a hard time getting on the bike the last week but now that I forced myself onto my Madone it seems not so hard. You just get in this riding funk and its just so hard to get off the couch. Let alone on a bike. 

But all it takes is one ride to get me going again. And if its wet and cold and foggy no problem. 

Just do it. See ya Friday.


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