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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Looking Ahead\Cross Bikes

2pm yesterday
I seem to take a lot of pic's for a guy without a good camera. Lately all the pic's have been courtesy of my phone.

This pic of yesterdays lunchtime cross ride shows the amount of downed trees on the trail system. This is the same woods that the Thursday Cross Rides are in. Hence no need for barriers. 

I was riding the Blue Norcross SL for a month, then I switched to the Trisher Cronus for another month, now back to the Blue.
I think its safe to say that if you are thinking about getting any of these bikes that Im the guy to talk to. I'll spend another month on the Blue before jumping back on the Cronus. Its a tough job but someone has to do it.
People ask which one is my fav? I say the one Im riding that day. Their pretty close really.

Today my thoughts are on the upcoming frenzy the local cycling scene is about to jump on.  The Tour of Americas Dairyland (TOAD) starts this week. With the Sheboygan race on the 23rd. That one runs right past the front of the store. Its like the circus coming to town for us. However as much fun as we have with it its a poor sales day in the store with the streets shut down. But I consider it an even trade. Its a fun day for sure.....
As soon as TOAD ends, Superweek  starts down in the Chicago area and works its way up to Wisco. This has been the long standing Pro series in the area. That runs a couple of weeks for sure, little more. Then throw in the WORS Mt Morris MTB Nationals and its bike race overload. Im scheduled to vend at the MTB race again. Its gonna be a busy several weeks for me.

So I think its going to be some quiet times down in the ol' HP for the next few days. Cuz I have a busy 3 weeks ahead of me. I do have something to look forward to tho... the annual week long secret training camp starts July 9th. More on that later but I can see it off in the horizon for sure!

Bring it on.


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