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Friday, June 3, 2011

Madone Weekend.

Ive got in a few long rides on my Madone. I think out of all my bikes, this is the one that I take for granted. Im a MTB'er at heart. Thats where my cycling roots lie. Thats where it all began just 10 years ago. Thats right.
I have only been an avid cyclist for not quite 10 years. I remember my first bike back then. Not my first bike ever but the first bike I bought as an adult. I forgot where I bought it but it was a $89.00 bike (back in 2001). I pretty much destroyed that bike post haste. I then went to the local Trek dealer (the store I replaced with mine) and bought a Trek 7000. The dude (who works at a local bike store still today) sold me a 16in frame that was way too small for me. His bad.
I still have that bike today. Its home in my garage.
I switched to full suspension quickly. Buying a 2001 Trek Fuel. Jumping in to the WORS series before I had shorts and a jersey. I was that guy. I purchased my first entry level road bike two years later. $600 bucks for  Giant OCR3
Im getting off point here. But the truth of this is that I am not a roadie by any means of the imagination.
Anyway. So now I have this Madone 6.5 Project One.
Fact is I would rather be riding my Superfly. I give the MTB much more attention.
But lately I have stopped and smelled the lilacs and have noticed that that Madone is an awesome bike. For a road bike. I guess.
But really, where else can you pick color, design and every component the way Trek lets you do with Project One. Just think of it. Every bike built one at a time. Hand painted. Carbon frame laid up by hand. Completely assembled by one person. Not a assembly line. And all this done in Wisconsin. 
Very cool and I have been in Waterloo several times to watch it. If you seen the way these guys build these bike you would understand why they get behind at times.
Just did a two hour ride this morn and plan on the Saturday group ride tomorrow. All Madone.

Its true I do not even know how cool this bike is. But Im beginning to understand more everyday.
I wish Trek would bring the Project back to MTB's.

I would be all over that.


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