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Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Pathetically, I have peddled this bike only four times since the snow melted. Now five times.
Ride time has been better now that spring is here. 3 hours on the Madone yesterday.
Ironically, when the store gets busy I can work less.
The gain in revenue allows me to afford more  "luxury wages " and lets me hire a replacement for me, and out the door I go. Almost always with bike in tow these days.
I hit the trails today at around 90 degrees of almost an hour and a half. And my lack of MTBing showed well. I was not doing well on the bike to start. Pretty much hitting every rock on the trail. Once in frustration I actually missed a big rock and turned around to make sure I nailed it.
My climbing was horrendous. Im reminded of my weight constantly.

Its kinda like this: Im suffering up a hill. I see a big rock on the left. My brain says to keep right. Again, tells me to lean right. One more time, just move over to the right. And sure as I am suffering, I hit the damn rock. After looking at it for over 30 seconds.
But after an hour I started to smooth out and am sure in time will get back my madd skilzz in the woods. Just need to get on this bike more.

I will do it for real.


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