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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Not My Birthday.

Last nite I left the store at 7pm and had to run the AC in the car or suffer. This morn, I had to have the heat on or suffer. Thats Wisco.

The HP visit was nice today. It was by car. Didn't see much today but the markings in the sand from the wind blowing the tall grass back and forth. I thought it was worthy of a pic.

Today is the first Thursday Cross Bike Ride out of the store. Im looking forward to it. It sounds like the first ride will have an acceptable bike count. Ive said this many times before, a cross bike is the most fun you can have with your clothes on. My demo bikes will see some action tonite. Very cool. If you want to ride one just call the store.....  soon the Traveling Cross Bike Demo Tour will start. 10 stops this summer!
Also, I am prepping to hit the Wausau WORS race as a vender. I have teamed up with Ryders Eyewear, who is a product sponsor of WORS, to vend at the races. The Ryders dude cant make it this weekend so its my turn. Stop at the Ryders tent and say hi. I did have plans of racing but cant if Im there alone. Its all good tho. I'll bring the Superfly just in case. If nothing else I might grab a few miles after the day is done. Join me if you like.

Other than that its biz as usual today. Have a 20 bike shipment hitting the store in an hour. I love ordering bike in early summer. You can deviate from the bestsellers and grab a few cool bike without worry of looking at them all winter. Today Im getting a few PDX's. Very cool bike.

I get all giddy when a new bike comes in to the store. Get it built up, ride it around.

Its like its my birthday.


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