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Monday, June 27, 2011

The Right Decisions

Very rarely do I make right decisions but the decision to ditch the MTB Nationals was the right one for me last weekend. Between Saturday and Sunday I nearly hit 100 miles on the Madone. My biggest weekend this summer to date. Saturdays breakfast ride had me chasing over half of the ride. Sure, I needed to get pulled back in the group several times but I didn't pull the plug until about 6 miles to go in a 50 miler. And that was just after finishing a 30mph run that I was clinging onto the back of.
Sunday was a 45 mile "recovery" ride. I got sunburned. It was glorious.

This last week was hectic with all the races and Im glad I didn't try to hit all the ones I had planed to. I would have been way overextended. (see prior post about scheduling).

I do have one more thing to do.....

Tuesday the store is sponsoring a nite at the Kenosha track. I love\hate track racing. I love it cuz its tons of fun and sometimes the smartest guy wins, not the fastest.
I hate it cuz it really hurts. I remember crossing the line in the most pain I have every felt on a bike. Completely wasted, seeing stars and almost puking. How could you not have fun!
I had planned in racing a few nites by now but the crappy spring has put me behind a bit but do plan on hitting a couple in about 4 weeks. Just after my Secret Training Camp.
In two weeks I leave for Northern Wisco for 7 days of secret training. I already have my itinerary from my coach and will start prepping next week. More on that later.

Today is rest day. Get stuff done in the store day. Also on my plate today: Car repair. Seems the tranny might have puked on the SBCmobile. Seems fitting as its only got 2 months to go before its paid off. Its almost like it knows.......


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