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Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Its been a long time since I had the track bike on the car rack. Two years. I have not documented my track bike much but I have had it for almost two years. I really should have sold it but just like to keep it around just in case.

I was a bit disappointed with the track last nite. As I mentioned before its been two years since I hung out there every other Tuesday or so.

What I saw last nite was less bikes and less spectators. Very sad. Spectator count was around 20 or so. The money I spent there last nite (around 600.00) was not wasted tho. Its going to the track association and I hope they use it for good. I truly hope that things get better there. I really do have fun riding is circles.

Right now I hope to do a few nites there late July or early Aug. I did lay down about 50 laps and got to pace with a bunch of riders just before race time and I am not ready. The peddling started to come back to me toward the end. Once I can get my body mass moving Im good. But forget about sprinting. Thats was not going to happen for me. Hopefully I can lose a few more pounds and join in soon.

Weight loss is going well now that its summer. Sunshine and riding always have a positive impact on me. I have a lunch date with the Madone today.
Next comes the Superfly. Its time to spend more time in the woods.

So many bikes. so little time. Good weather is upon us.
Ditch work and go outside.
Do it for real.


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