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Monday, June 20, 2011

Weekend Update

Very uneventful weekend. No riding for me. The kind of weekend you would think of having mid March. With most employees out of town this weekend I had to work Saturday. Working Saturdays is the one thing I do not like about the store. But was needed. And we did pull down the second biggest day of the year so far. So it was a good day.
I had plans to ride later and took the Madone home but had no ambition after work.
Sunday brought rain all day till 4pm or so. Again, the Madone was home but just no ambition to suit up for a solo ride. Some days I can do solo, even look forward to it, some days its like a two ton heavy thing on me and I cant move.

Busy days ahead for me. As mentioned prior, the road races have begun and are in full swing. Hitting our street on Thursday. Then, Im scheduled to vend at the MTB Nationals Fri, Sat and Sunday. Most likely will try to cut Friday out. Just too much.

I hope for a ride today but it does not look good. Mondays is catch up from the weekend.
Time will tell.

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