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Monday, July 18, 2011

Back to Reality

So today its back to reality. Had my first visit to the HP in over week this morn.  I was kind of crabby so I didnt stay too long. Just too much on my mind I guess. I have a weeks worth of ordering\reciving\accounting to do when I get to the store and I dont even want to see the pile on my desk.
Sometimes even a happy place visit does not always lower my stress levels.
Also, I just want to mention the my HP is the exact same spot at my local State Park that some have decided to hold fat tire Pug beach rides. Just FYI guys, I now own a Pug. Just sayin'...

Secret Training Camp was a success. I ended up with about 17 hours total. I did get out Friday for one last road ride. 3 hours in the rain. I feel better on the bike. My eating habits on the bike is much better. So... yeah, it was a good week.
STC week is not new to me. Ive been doing it for 30 years every July. Its really a week where my wifes entire fam go's up on vacation and we take over a small resort entirely. This year we had 7 cabins full. Next year will be 9. While I like to get away I never liked stating all week cuz I go nuts in one place too long. All the others fish, drink and play cards pretty much all week. I dont do any of that. But now that I ride it brings a new meaning to this week. Secret Training Camp.
Just another reason I can thank the bike for.
Even at 17 hours of exorcise, I did not lose any weight during STC, but, I did not gain either. Pretty much eating is another thing done during this week. Pretty much non stop. While I did my share I faired better than most last week.

If I had a complaint, it was the solo riding was getter to me. I can ride alone as much as the next guy (or gal) but not much more than that. I could easily put in 5 more hours up there if I had some conversation with someone besides myself.

So now its back to my desk.

Wish my luck.



  1. I wondered how they got past the Rangers for that ride. Another reason for them to crack down on us this winter??

  2. I know.... I was going to find them and warn them about the rangers. They just must have snuck thru? I would have to believe the rangers would stop them, right?