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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Day 3 ( in search of)

Day 3 had me a bit sore from yesterdays long one so I decided to have an off day of sorts and hit up some northern trails for a couple of hours. Not really knowing what or where to go I hit up the internet to look for these trails I have been told about.
The Raven trails are just outside Minocqua near Clear Lake State Campgrounds.

These trails have been around a while as ski trails, but its pretty recent that the single track has been cut in. And the cool part is, unlike the northern kettles back home, you still can hit up the ski trail on your bike. Fast rolling up and down. The 29er works well in these situations. Fun stuff. But then you hit up the bike specific trails and its a whole 'nuther story. 

Slow, almost trials like trail thats cut into the sides of ravines. Very slow. Very technical. Slow climbing over rocks and roots. Here the 29er was at a disadvantage. Granny gear for 45 minutes straight. Average 2 mph. Up down and around.

I rode some trail that I could tell was just cut this weekend. Someone is doing a lot of work here. 
Not sure who.
Lots of man made rock gardens and even a few bridges. Very cool. Worth the drive over.
I will need to come back one more time before Saturday rolls around.
Today its much colder and windy. Still planning on a road ride but am waiting closer to noon to roll out. Im up to 9.5 hours and plan on 3 today. Its cold enough right now to wear arm warmers.
And windy.
Maybe the woods would be a better ride today.
I'll think about it.


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