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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Days Four and Five.

Helped this crabby guy cross the road.
Day four had me out on the Madone. Doing my usual loop I do every year up here. Sayner, Boulder Junction, Star Lake, St Germaine back to Sayner. 
A very pleasant loop winding thru many lakes on both sides of the road. 
4 hours at 61 miles. I knew I was in for a spot of difficulty when I realized after an hour that I forgot to put on some Shammy cream. My butt is a little sore from all the riding and today will not help much in that respect.

Even my legs feel a bit wasted as all this riding has had a snowball effect as the days wear on. I can feel fatigue set in early in the rides now. Day four was a good one. Rain for casted the rest of the week so I took my time on this ride.


 Day five is really right now. Since Im back at the cabin and since its raining there wont be a lot of anything else going on today so Ill post as tho its tomorrow morn.

This was a easy one....
Today I went back to the Raven trails. I did not get to do it all on Tuesday so I was going to finish it off today. Today I did some of the fancy stuff over there. But not all of it as I was alone and did not want to brave the tuff stuff.

As I said on Tuesday, someone has put a lot of time over here. Big section of ladders and todders.

Again, I could feel the entire week in every climb. Its been a long 5 days of riding. All solo.
This post is going the last post from up here as I might get in a small ride tomorrow, but then will be packing to leave Sat morn.
And Im ready to go anytime. Even tho its a good time it wears thin as after the bike ride there really isn't much more for me to do here. So, yeah, Im ready to go. I cant stay at the same place more than a few days. A week is way to long.
So.... my next post will be Monday from the store. Im glad I had another secret training camp is summer. And I will be glad to get home to show it off. Hours should be right around 15 in 6 days.


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