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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Deep Thoughts

Cant believe its humpday already. Holidays always screw me up. Still, mostly on my mind is Secret Training Camp. Ive decided what bikes to take and there will be three. Madone, Superfly and the Trisher Cronus CX.  I am slowly putting together my itinerary for the north woods.

Today, on my way to the HP I dialed up Greendays Dookie. I forgot how good that recording was. I pretty much cranked it while I hung out in "Paradise". I thought back to my high school days. Back then I had two loves. Music and football. And I studied the ins and outs of both to maybe have a career in one of them. In music, I wanted to produce, in football, I wanted to manage, not play or coach.

I think if I persisted I could have done either. But dumped both to race motorcycles, and later, cars.  In the late 90's I was racing professionally until I pretty much ran out of money. Then like all my other interests, jut quit cold.

Then I started a trucking company that I operated for 15 years. Also completed my family during those years too. 10 years ago I ditched the trucking company for employment in the transportation industry. Just a few months ago I ditched emplyment in the transportation industry for a bike store .

Today while listening to Greenday I was just thinking of how many options my life has has. And how different things could have been had I decided to pursue my earlier loves. Mainly the music aspect. I really think I have a good ear for good music and always think about how far I could have taken that.

But its all good. Turns out I just followed another love with the bike store.

But I wonder what I will love 10 years from now. Based on my track record it could be anything.

Gonna grab the cross bike for a quickie. Or a nooner, however you look at it.


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