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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Deep Thoughts

THE TOUR: Its been pretty good. Thor winning mountain stages. Shlecks unable. Cavindish and Farrar talking trash. Good stuff. Besides the three that got away yesterday, no one really standing out. No one able to attack (besides yesterday). And I believe thats because nobody is doping. Pull the dope out of all the GC guys and see what happens... nobody has that "kick" anymore. Boring? Maybe a little. But still all good. Im pulling for Evans.
THE STORE: is going well. I'll be vending at the next WORS race. Again alone so my chances of racing are slim. Besides, its a climber anyway. I can do without those. I am in fact, making plans to move to a new location next April. Looking to buy a place. Renting is for chumps. My first choice is to build new on the north side of town. But that will involve banks and I hate banks. But I gatta do what I gatta do so its game on. This will take my time in the next 3 months....
THE CROSS RACE: Things are just starting. Lining up sponsors. Laying out the course. Cross racing will be the stores focus in 2011. Heres some info on what Im doing. Cross is just around the corner. I cant wait. 
MY RIDING: is better. Ive built up some good endurance but my short efforts is lacking and that just cuz Im never on the MTB. I can peddle for a good 4 hours but blast up a steep hill for 90 seconds and Im done for the day. Will work on that next. More MTB is called for.
DEMOS: After July I should really start to sell my demos. The Madone will be hard to part with. I really like it. I might just consider buying it outright myself. The Superfly will also go. Both bikes sold at very fair prices. I also make sure the go to a good home. Of course Im going to ride them a while longer but its just on my mind right now... The cross demos wont go for sale until Nov 1st. Also sold for fair prices....
SUPERWEEK: Reports are that this series is dieing. Thats sad. In its heyday this was a top five series in the States. Tons of Euros sending riders. Stellar fields boasting up and comer riders like Armstrong and Evans. To name a couple. Today, fields are down.... way down. I used to look forward to these races but I will not see any this year. I blame poor management. Things just went down when Otto retired. Again, sad. Maybe they can find better days down in Chicago. While the TOAD series is good, I will miss the old Superweek.

Thats all on my mind right now. Its been three days since I rode but thats OK cuz its crazy hot and I suffer in heat. Just really got caught up at store today, so I will ride tomorrow morn heat or not. Hopefully MTB, depending on how much time I have.


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