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Friday, July 29, 2011


Today I finally had an extended HP visit. First one in a long time. Its was sunny, cool and quiet and I was all alone.  Just the way I like it. Thought out many issues. In the past I always made too many snap decisions about important stuff. While not all were right, I think the majority was. But my Happy Place is just a tool I use to decide things. Its an easy place to work things out.
 This is the place where I decided to go for the bike store two and a half years ago.
This is the place where I decided to take the Trucker in its maiden voyage today!
Racks on. Its done!

Got the racks and fenders on last nite. Now I need to work on bags. Which I will borrow from friends until I decide what kind to get.
And as I mentioned the gear will be a priority also. When I toured the state in 2008 everything was borrowed except for the bike ( I used Pinky) and I am looking to purchase this time. And I got to get the good stuff cuz I dont want to be replacing it by next year.

I will wait till 10am, when the store opens and the guys get here and I am off on this beast. Weight with racks? I was surprised with 36 pounds. I was sure it was going to be over 40. I expect to hang about 70 pounds of stuff in the bike. Between my body weight and bike, I should be king of the downhills. If in fact I do carry 70 pounds, thats going to be a total of 366 pounds of rolling madness. Disc brakes would not have been a bad idea. But I'll make due.
Its looking like a good couple of days weather wise so its game on. Group ride tomorrow. Maybe trails will be dried out by Sunday? Have a good weekend. Ride your bike.


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  1. You can borrow our bags again this year if you want. They haven'y moved since last time you used them. Mike and Heather