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Friday, July 22, 2011

I Own Bikes! (Pt 1 )

Is that a Pug in your window? Or are you just glad to see me?
In the past you have always heard me complain about riding bikes I do not own. Im sure none of you feel sorry for me as I ride along on a Madone that retails for 9k. But really, its like riding a rental. I cant do all those little thing we do to make our own bikes our own. Cute little stickers. Small things like that. Thats changed. 
I bought and paid for a Pug.
I bought and paid for a Long Haul Trucker.
Work in progress.

These bikes are not for sale. I sure can get you one, just not these. Im goona put cute little stickers and stuff on these.....

I will be riding these new bikes soon. The LHT is going together as we speak. I have original Surly front and rear racks for this bike too.
Heavy duty stuff. Cant wait to put some big ass bags on and just get out of town.
Bag selection will be next step.
Ive borrowed a few to get an idea of what I want.  Couple Jandd's and a couple Ortliebs. Game on in the touring dept!
The only other bike I own is Pinky. Sadly in the basement in dismemberment.
Soon, it will be resurrected back in SS mode.
Only question will be in cross or road configuration. Pinky will get her own post next week.

I know I have said this before but Im going to try and limit my posting to Mon-Wed-Fri. Its seems the posts may just have more to say if I stop posting everyday. Quality, not quantity.

I will be at the MTB race Sunday. But vending. I hope to get to race in the morn but thats not set in stone. Either I need to find someone to watch the stores stuff while Im racing, or maybe just shove it into my car if its close. I would like to race but if I dont its not the end of the world as its at a ski hill. And my riding style disagrees with ski hills.

Either way see ya there and have a good weekend.


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