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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Learning to Eat.

That in itself sounds weird. But those who know me know I eat very badly. And not pizza and ice cream bad. I mean on the bike bad.

But its not all my fault. In order to lose weight you need to burn more calories that you take in. Simple as that? I ride with a million skinny people who give me advice on eating. And in theory they are all right. For them.

I ask how they lose weight. They say," I stopped eating candy bars" or " I dont eat after 7pm". Then I remind them Im a 260 pound guy that does not eat any candy or after 7pm already. 
So now what? Honestly, you all would be amazed on how little I eat. Granted I do eat full "meals" but little or no candy or treats. I dont even like chocolate. So the bottom line is I need to cut down on my meals. I have no other vices to give up. My liquid calorie intake is already minimal.

That means the only option for me is the hardest. Meal size reduction. And thats easier said than done for me. Why? Cuz I ride a lot. And when I cut meal size and ride a lot I feel like crap. Always running on empty. Always feeling so weak on the bike. Getting dropped because of that. Its not fun and it takes a little fun out of my rides. But, in the long run, I lose weight. But at what cost? In time, I get sick of feeling like crap on the bike, and getting dropped so I start to eat normal again. I ride better but do not lose weight. 
Its such a fine line between eating and riding that I can never get it right. Either I dont lose weight or I feel like crap.
Enter learning to eat. On the bike.
I never brought food on the bike. My mindset was peddle, burn calories, lose weight. Eating on the bike just set that theory back so I just did not do it. I suffered on the bike.
Then one of my buddies told me something that made sense. And Im pumped.

Learn to eat on the bike, lose weight off the bike. Thats sounds bananas! They said eat twice as much on the bike, so its easier to eat half as much off the bike. The complete opposite of what I have been doing. So in two days I leave for Secret Training Camp. And I will be doing a ton of riding. Its seems like perfect timing to jump start this new (to me) theory. Cant wait.

Honey Stinger will be the product. Bars and energy. Ride fast, live slow
Going to do it for real.


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  1. Yea, that does sound like whacky advice, but it works. I lost 50 lbs since last October by changing my diet off the bike. When I'm on the bike, I try to eat 300 calories per hour (but not all at once!). Off the bike, I eat the normal amount I do for my new diet plan. I followed the free meal plan on sparkpeople.com. Good Luck, you can retrain your system to take healthier food, if you want to!