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Friday, July 1, 2011

MTB Luv | Sat Update

I do this all the time. Let a bike sit, then ride it, then wonder why the hell I don't ride it more. Spent two hours Thursday in the woods of Greenbush. The first hour was as expected. Bouncing off just about everything in front of me and maybe a little bit more. Then, by the second time around I smoothed out and found the long lost rhythm again. Peddle strokes got better. I started to hit the right gears.
Hows this for barrier practice?
And I thought to myself "why don't I do this more often".
Not sure why. So I will.

Saturday Update:
  I have to work the store today so no group ride for me. So I dragged myself away from the computer and the Tour to take a small cross ride before the store opened. Over to my H.P. via road, woods and other. 
The sun was out and so was the mosquito's. And I found that out the hard way. Flatted in the woods and those guys showed me no mercy. I fought them off tooth and nail until I had the job at hand completed. 
One of the cons of the bike store is working Saturday. I usually have part time help to cover but when any one of those guys are not available its me that has to fill in. And I'm not minding too much today as I will be out of town the next two Saturdays, while Im participating in my secret training camp.
So.... keep the rubber side down and have a good Holiday!
Next post most likely Tuesday.


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