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Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Greenbush. 915am
Today I got out on the MTB. Yesterday I got out on the Madone. Today as I rode I had thoughts about my fitness. Does fitness mean skinny? Not really. I was thinking on how different fitness means between the MTB and a road bike. I was thinking fitness in general.
If you looked at me you would not think I am fit cuz I am overweight. But I think I am.

Today, on the MTB, I felt pretty good. Of course I was working hard on the climbs, and for sure was slow getting up them, but, I push a ton more watts than any of my skinny riding buddies at that speed. So here I was climbing in granny gear, at 2 mph. If a skinny guy was pushing these kind of watts here they would be doing 10. So, in theory, if I can push the wattage (or more) than the skinny guys, but going way slower, the question is am I as fit as they?
Also when your MTBing fitness is not always measured in power output but in how fast you recover.
 Not sure where I fall in that category. But I do need to do it a lot. At the start of todays ride I was as expected all over the place. Shifting at the wrong times, picking bad lines. And again, got better as the day went. I was forced to ride as fast as I could as the flies could chase me down on the climbs. And they were biting hard today.
So all in all a good ride. Solo so the iPod was on full blast but there was no chance of getting hit by a car today. And thats always a good thing.

Ive made a decision to cut back my work hours. I was running about 65 per week. Im gonna cut 10 out of that. Its needed. Also, I am not going to do any vending at the MTB races except for Sheboygan.
I need my weekends and I want to go to the WORS races to have fun.
Not that it was not fun to vend, its fun to be there. But along with that gos a lot of prep and post work by getting the stuff back in the store. From now on I'll just go and race like you guys.
Next post is most likely Thursday as Im riding again in morn..... \
Road for many hours....
Bring it on.



  1. You need to stop thinking in terms of "absolute watts" and instead think "watts/kg".

    You can get a lot more fit:)


  2. I know....
    But if I go up the hill at 4 to 500 watts... and you go up the hill at 4 to 500 watts, although a lot faster... do we have the same fitness??????

    If a tree falls in the woods......

  3. No, not even close...we'd just be doing the same amount of work.


    p.s. Enjoy the sunny weekend!