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Friday, July 8, 2011

Perks \ STC

Perks abound in the bike retail biz!
When you work in the bike biz you need perks. Any position in the bike industry pays on average 10 percent less than the same position somewhere else. In the last few years I have come to know a lot of people who work for bike companies either in production, front office, accounting etc. All these people work for below national average wages. Why? Because the job comes with all the bikes you can ride.

Looking at all the carbon and disc brakes can get one punch drunk. Im no exception. I of course took (another) pay cut to stay full time in the store. Ive been exchanging pay cuts for happiness and I will continue to do so for the rest of my life when presented with the opportunity.  The key is to take advantage of the perks. And again, Im no exception there either.
My Pugsley came yesterday. I tried to order one last February and it was a no go. Sold out. So I pre-ordered one to deliver in July and it came yesterday. Im pumped to get that thing out on the snowmobile trails this winter. In the meantime, its going in the front window.

Of course my HP thoughts were on the impending Secret Training Camp. This years STC is in a new location in northern Wisco. So I will have to find new MTB trails to ride. My arsenal of three bikes have been primed and ready.
Really, I look forward to all the riding next week. Its always cool to ride in new surroundings. But I gatta say sometimes I get bummed to have to spend a majority of time at STC alone. The Fam does not ride, and for the most part I get up, eat a little and leave every morn. Returning in the aft, time depending on ride length. But even tho Im solo, its still better riding that at home. And I will enjoy that aspect of it.
Today will be filled with making sure I work ahead with all my store duty's. Bills paid, stuff ordered. Then its home to pack the car with bikes and stuff. Mostly bikes.
Not sure on the internet situation up there. So posting here might be minimal, however I do plan on hitting the coffee shop in Eagle River at least twice during the week.
The weather here has been unbelievable nice. Maybe tring to make up for the crappy spring. Looks like good days will continue next week. Hope you get outside as much as I will be outside.
Have a good weekend.


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