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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

STC 2011

STC 2010
As I end the Holiday weekend this morn my thoughts turn to Secret Training Camp 2011. Leaving in four days. In the past this just used to be a very boring vacation that my wife's family has done for 20 plus years. They just go up north and do nothing for 7 days. Sit. Talk. Play cards.
Im not much for sitting a real long time. Then a few years ago I put another spin on it. Ride my ass off for a week. True, all rides are solo but 80% of my rides here are anyway. Put in some nice rides Sat, Sun and Mon this weekend.  About 120 miles. Cant remember the last time I rode 3 days in a row.

Last year at this time I was coming off the getting hit by car injury's. I remember getting in 15 hours last year. This year Im going in a bit in better shape so its game on for 20. As I mentioned a few posts ago I was getting the Long Haul Trucker ready for a few days of touring. Thats now been scrapped. In its place may be a road trip (in a car) to the awesome MTB trails of Upper Michigan.
I'll have 6 full days to get in the 20:
One big day on the Madone. Maybe a century?
One big day on the cross. Including some Rails to Trails.
One big day on the MTB. Destination unknown.

Then some filler of whatever I feel like riding, gosh!

Its kinda weird that I go up north with the fam but never really see them a whole lot. 

And I return home with just a little bit more fitness. A fair trade. 


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