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Sunday, July 10, 2011

STC Day one

Day one in the books. It was more of a get acquainted to the area kind of day. I did manage almost 3 hours in. The riding up here is awesome, My head is on a swivel as I ride thru the north woods. This years location of the Secret Training Camp is Sayner, WI. and its just beautiful here.
Today was just a warmup to tomorrow. Planning on a big day on the Madone. 5 hours minimum. Going to head in a new direction thru Eagle River and then east. 
If my day is big enough tomorrow I will take a short day on Tuesday to do some MTBing.

The cabin we are at rocks! There is a eagles nest maybe 100 years from the cabin and I can hear them as they bicker to each other from my bedroom window. We do have eagles back home but they just seem so much bigger here.
As I type I am out on the pier of the lake, having paired up my computer to my cell phone.
Very high tech.
So tomorrow will I will be roadside by 9am and rolling.
The weather looks good all week and this just might be the best Secret Training Camp Ever!
More to come.


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