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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Thinking Back a Week.

Awesome roads.

As I settled into work as I know it, I kinda sat back in my comfy office chair and reminisced about last week. Just how much more relaxing the roads are up there. How easy you can get lost in thought with no worry about getting picked off by a car. Ever since getting hit last June, I have been a bit less brave in traffic.
I remember back in 08 when I rode around the state I used the semi's blasting 3 feet from me to gain a few mph. On Hwy 45 heading north if three semis blasted past I went from 12 to 18 mph with no effort. Not sure if I could do that now.
So what makes the riding up there is the miles and miles of country roads. Water to the left. Water to the right. I rarely has the iPod on. With so much to see no music necessary.
As I sat in the HP this morn I was thinking how cool it would be to gather up a bunch of my cycling buddies for an extended weekend riding up there. How cool would it be to get a group of plus 10 for a few days of riding the north woods.

Maybe a training camp for the SBC cross team?
Sit back and picture this: A 5 hour ride in the sun with friends, then a quick dip in the lake when done, then some hammock time with a refreshment. It would not get any better!

Maybe someday....

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